It is in the best interest of both Cerbo’s and our customers to ship in the most cost effective means while ensuring our product is delivered safely and efficiently.


Shipping rates are based off volumetric weight of packages shipped and location of shipping destination. There are zones in continental US used for shipping rates based on proximity to our pickup location. In our efforts to streamline shipping and make for the most cost effective pricing to our customers we have made rates based on single item packages and co-packed packages. Where possible, and without sacrificing product security in transit, we will co-pack items to ensure costs remain low for our customers.


Our carrier is UPS. UPS ships single items via “Sure Post” which may add 1 day to shipping because USPS is responsible for the last leg of delivery but is much more cost effective for packages under 10lbs. Packages of 2+ items will ship UPS ground. All packages should deliver within 2 weeks from date order is placed.


For larger orders (10+ items) or special order situations it is best to reach out to us directly on our contact page.