Tradescantia ‘White Zebra’ 3″


Tradescantia ‘White Zebra’ Care

Light: Bright, Indirect Light: Place your ‘White Zebra’ where it can receive bright, indirect sunlight.

Watering: Moderate Moisture: Water your ‘White Zebra’ when the top inch (2.5 cm) of the soil feels dry to the touch.

Temperature: Moderate Temperatures: Keep your plant in an area with a consistent indoor temperature between 65°F to 75°F (18°C to 24°C).

Humidity: Average to Higher Humidity: While it can tolerate average indoor humidity levels, ‘White Zebra’ thrives with slightly higher humidity.

Fertilizing: Regular Feeding: Feed your ‘White Zebra’ with a balanced, water-soluble houseplant fertilizer every 4-6 weeks during the growing season (spring and summer).

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Elevate your indoor garden with the captivating beauty of the Tradescantia ‘White Zebra.’ This exceptional houseplant is a true masterpiece, boasting striking variegated foliage that will instantly become the focal point of your living space. Its unique blend of stunning aesthetics and low-maintenance care makes it the perfect addition for both budding and seasoned plant enthusiasts.

The ‘White Zebra’ earns its name from its mesmerizing leaves, adorned with a spectacular combination of green and white stripes, reminiscent of a zebra’s stripes. Each leaf is a work of art, and as it matures, its beauty only deepens. Whether placed on a windowsill, in a hanging basket, or on a shelf, this Tradescantia variety will draw admiration from all who see it.

One of the standout features of the ‘White Zebra’ is its ease of care. It thrives in a variety of light conditions, from bright indirect light to moderate shade, making it adaptable to different indoor environments. As for watering, allow the soil to dry slightly between waterings, and watch this resilient plant flourish with minimal effort. With its air-purifying qualities, it not only enhances your decor but also contributes to a healthier living space.

Whether you’re a plant novice looking to start your collection or an experienced enthusiast seeking a new gem, the Tradescantia ‘White Zebra’ is sure to bring elegance and charm to your indoor haven. Elevate your home with the enchanting allure of this remarkable Tradescantia variety, and let its beauty inspire and delight for years to come.